Congratulations on taking this first step to adopt, don’t shop.  Adopting your new best friend should be a thoughtful decision.  This dog may be a family member for the next fifteen years thru lots of lifestyle changes like moves, job changes, growing families, and kids going off to college.  It is a commitment-this dog is counting on you.  The adoption fee is just the beginning: expenses will include quality food, training, vet needs, sometimes grooming costs.  Consider your lifestyle to make the best choice, are you looking for a running buddy, a couch potato to chill with or something in between?  How much time will your new canine take with exercise needs and companionship?  How much will you be gone leaving your animal alone?

Our adoption fee is $425 for most of our dogs, which includes any age appropriate vaccines until time of adoption, a microchip with lifetime registration, a vet physical, flea/tick prevention and a fecal check with treatment if needed.  Dogs over 5 months old will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption while younger puppies will be adopted with a spay/neuter contract and a deposit of $100, returned upon submittal of proof (spay/neuter is incuded in adoption fee if one of our partner vets are used).  All dogs will have a spay/neuter requirement, there are no exceptions. Dogs over 7 months will also have a heartworm test.
If you are interested in adopting, please complete our adoption application form!