We love making a difference in every rescue dogs life! As an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, 100% of donations goes directly to caring for our dogs. If you can’t adopt, if you can’t foster, or volunteer in some way, maybe you can donate.  It can make a big difference.  Fortunately many of our dogs come to us in fairly healthy condition, but there are those that need medical care beyond the adoption fee, some with heartworm disease, skin issues, dental issues, some need more time and training.  Whatever it is, if we have committed to helping this dog, then we are all in. 

Even a young puppy’s expenses add up.  Beside medical care, spay/neuter procedures, we need to invest in crates, healthy food, well care like vaccinations and fecal checks.  We often need to provide for the cost of getting the dog here from an area where it is at risk with too many dogs, too few adopters and not many options. The price tag to care for a dog in our program can add up quickly. Your kind donation may be sent by mail or made via PayPal:

ALL DONATIONS ARE 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  You can choose to donate monthly or just one time. 
Just $25 can provide a puppy with vaccinations to protect it from life threatening viruses.
Just $50 will buy us a bag of food to feed ten puppies for two weeks or a box of flea/tick product to protect a dozen dogs. 
A $75 donation will cover gas to meet a transport of dogs and be the first step in saving the lives of 5 to 20 dogs.
A $100 donation will cover a spay or neuter for a dog, ensuring that that dog will not contribute to the overpopulation due to accidental litters.
A $200 donation will cover a dental cleaning and sometimes make the difference between a mouth that hurts at every mealtime and a pain-free mouth. 
A $500 donation will treat a dog who has life-threatening heartworm disease and pay for complete treatment. 

Donations can also be made by mail.  Please make email contact@almosthomedogs.org for address.